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#IslandStuds - Frisbee Nude #5

Hung Jocks Juggle, Piss & Jerk in Rock Hard Hot Duo Action in Sweaty Oregon Bisexual Redhead Riley Rodriguez is back, showing off his rock hard Uncut Puerto Rican - Italian cock surrounded by a full bush of ginger pubes with nervous newcomer, tall, Long Dong, Horny Eros, exposing their sexy naked bodies for the very first time on camera together in totally hardcore stroking Hot Duo Action as the newest members of the Island Studs' Naked Frisbee Team in "Frisbee Nude #5": posing, flexing, pissing, juggling and hugging each other in their sexy jockstraps and then fully nude with boners out in public beside a Mountain River, jumping & sweating as they playfully joke around with each other tossing the orange disk, balls out, take a break to comb out their thick man bushes then sit side by side in the sand stroking their cocks together then wrap their arms about their naked bodies in Hawaiian floral Leis with their cocks poking out of Grass Hula skirts, before taking a Powerful Duo Piss on the beach together in this Exclusive new video from Island Studs. These two handsome jocks agreed to meet us in the forest beside the wide Oregon River for their very first nude photoshoot with another guy! Watch as these two Oregon thespians enjoy showing off their contrasting ripped bodies: Eros, 28, a tall 6' and lanky 175lbs with a smooth tight tan body, dark brown armpit hair and a full man bush covering his long cut dong and ball sack! And Red Riley, 27, 5'8", a slight 140 lbs with light ginger hair covering his perky pink nipples and his mouthwatering Uncut Puerto Rican cock surrounded by a full bush of manly ginger dick hair and a creamy white Juggler's butt! Once again, Island Studs delivers another edition of the popular Frisbee Nude Series with Frisbee Nude #5: featuring 2 Class Crowns, joking and playing with each other both verbally and physically, riverside, in the HOT Oregon Summer Sun!. All 5 "Frisbee Nude" Videos are available NOW in the Island Studs Members Only Area! This new Hot Action Duo is even more exciting than Riley's popular first solo jerk off scene, still streaming and available to download Exclusively at! Don't Miss It! In this outrageous new video, we see two beautiful, wildly contrasting athletic bodies who have never played Frisbee Nude until today! "I feel excited to invite another Stud to the IslandStud Crew", veteran Island Studs model Riley states with a smile as he wraps his arms around his new buddy's naked body and pats Eros' smooth tan bare butt! Once naked, I toss them colorful hair combs to groom their thick untrimmed Man Bushes. Watch as they playfully comb out their cock and ball hair to a full "fro" and plant the combs in the forest of hair between their legs for some photos. Another First for Island Studs: Duo Cock Hair Combing! What a treat! Listen to their unscripted candid conversations about sex, what they do for work, their love for performing for an audience and the camera and of course, Juggling, all recorded as they are unaware the camera is filming! "I want to impress you and all the guys watching at home!", horny Riley states as he strokes in red hot throbber into a towering erection and tosses the frisbee to Eros proudly showing off his ginger flagpole boner to the camera. Eros responds with a laugh as he jumps for the Frisbee with his big dick and balls dangling between his tan smooth butt! This First Time Bromance between these 2 Playful Oregon Clowns is a delight to watch. The camera glides around their dangling cock and balls as they sweat and play! Ass Lovers will appreciate all the close up shots of their athletic butts as they toss and catch the frisbee in tight black jock straps that grip their firm ass cheeks and then fully nude. Look at their heavy nut sacks dangle as the camera films between their legs as their ass cheeks open wide as they play! Watch as Red Riley tosses the frisbee high in the air and sweaty Eros leaps to catch it and lands in the sand! Always competitive with his skills, Red Riley performs a full frontal nude one handed cartwheeling then tosses the frisbee to Eros and lands on his back, balls out, in the sand! But the best part of this new video is watching them stroke their cocks together and aggressively compete to maintain their erections while juggling apples in the hot afternoon sun! Look at their amazing contrasting bodies as they juggle large green Washington State Apples together with boners beside the river in public! Eros, with his long curved floppy hardon and Riley with his rigid belly slapper crowned with that fantastic Puerto Rican foreskin! It's not easy to juggle fruit with your boner throbbing and seeking oral attention.The competition intensifies as Riley strokes his thick uncut cock, once again, to a full towering boner and juggles without losing his erection as Eros watches in amazement! "Can I touch It", Eros respectfully asks his new buddy, craving to stroke Red Riley's impressive uncut Puerto Rican Ginger Belly Slapper! Piss Lovers Alert! Island Studs is famous for their popular Pee scenes: Real Guys pissing in public! But today, for the very first time, Island Studs delivers a Pissing Duo with a perfect Cross Stream "X" Spray! Look at the smiles on Eros and Riley's faces as they stand side by side and release 2 powerful pisses, at the same time, into the sand below their dirty feet! Watch their golden showers cross and form a perfect "X" engraved in the sand! Listen to their laughter as Riley finishes peeing first, keeping his eyes on Eros cock and the solid pee pouring out of his buddy's long dong, as Eros continues to pee and pee and pee! What an awesome unexpected Pissin' Duo! They enjoy hugging each other, wearing Hawaiian Floral Leis as their swollen cocks poking out of and Hawaiian Grass Skirts! Don't miss this exciting new edition of Island Studs' "Frisbee Nude" with 2 super friendly, playful and horny Oregon Jocks, Eros and Riley. Join NOW to see ALL the naked outdoor fun unedited! You won't see nudist frisbee, juggling, and cock stroking action like this anywhere else except Island Studs! Frisbee Nude #5 with Newcomer Tall Tan Horny Eros and Redhead Puerto Rican Riley Rodriguez and his fantastic foreskin returning for his Second Exclusive Video for Island Studs! This is our best Hot Action Duo yet on Island Studs. We're putting together a BALLS OUT Naked Island Studs' Ultimate Frisbee Team! Do you want to Join Riley and Eros for their next hot sexy duo action shoot? Join Island Studs today to see hundreds of horny young jocks and 808 State guys peeing & jerking off solo and together in the Members Only Area. Once a Member, one click will find them all in our easy to use Advanced Search section. Join Today for Unlimited Streaming and Unlimited Downloads in our Members Only Area! Instant Access Now!

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