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IslandStuds - Big Dick Dakota is Back!:

Thick 8" Blue Collar Dad Works, Pees, Walks Hard & Releases and Explosive Load in Hawaii! Fat 8" Monster Cock Dakota is back! This cute, talkative and friendly Blue Collar Dad is excited to be on vacation in Hawaii for his first time, tells us his first impressions for The Islands as he playfully exposes his ripped All American body with a full bush of dick hair, tight hairless torso, smooth wide muscle butt, as he flops his massive throbbing cock and Donkey Balls out of his tight blue briefs, gets dirty digging up banana trees in the garden with a rock hard 8" boner wearing only work shoes and leather gloves, bends over repeatedly as he works with his ass in the camera revealing his pink virgin hole with his big balls dangling between his smooth thighs, pees in the shower with a half hard cock, tugs on his big balls while sitting down for a long jerk off session and busts an explosive load of man juice all over himself, before taking his second cum cover outdoor shower where he washes his sexy feet in new this EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs! Big Dick Dakota is back for this his second solo jerk off shoot for Island Studs. He is now tan and now more comfortable and talkative then his in first video shot in a forest in Oregon. Listen to this Blue Collar Heavy Machinery Operator from South Dakota tell us stories about his arrival in Hawaii, the bugs and the women he meets here and the story about his Fat Cock being to large to fit in the first few women he has sex with! What a proud 8" Donkey Dong young man! Dakota was trained by his Father to repair the family farm equipment and is now employed 60 hours per week repairing farm machines in Oregon. Listen to him explain how his got his nickname, "Dakota", from his High School Wrestling team. Check out the size of his big Balls throughout this video! Watch Daddy Dakota, now 27, 5'10", 150 lbs, flop his GIANT 8" fat dick out of his tight blue underwear and begin stroking his big cock as he talks about his first sexual experiences with women and his difficulty in working his Monster Meat into young girls! This polite, friendly, ripped lean mountain man is a real gentleman. He reveals that he learned he had a BIG DICK at the age of 13! He really enjoys showing off his big cock, stretching and pulling on it and manhandling his nut sack as his slow strokes his beautiful thick 8" DONKEY DONG. Check out his smooth creamy white virgin mechanic butt! Check out his narrow athletic waist, great biceps, and smooth body as he strokes his big fat cock, flexes and poses, standing in the Tropical Hawaiian Garden. "I' only work naked for Island Studs," he says with a smile as he stands fully naked with a full 8" erection and puts on leather garden gloves outside in the sun. In the popular Island Studs Naked Worker Series, I put strong Dakota to work digging up banana trees in the garden. We get great view of big dick Dakota's marble butt cheeks and his big low hanging donkey balls as he bends over repeatedly working his shovel in to the Hawaiian soil. His heavy balls hang between this man butt cheeks, slapping his sun kissed tan thighs. Listen to Dakota talk to us about his love for cars and working on them in his spare time. With his cock and balls covered in soil, Dirty Dakota sits down on the concrete with his cock and balls out to remove his black work shoes. Watch as his takes his first of two showers in the bright afternoon sun! See him lift his leg up with his fine ass facing our cameras, bends over to clean his sexy white feet with his big nuts hanging down between his legs! His big dick and heavy ball sack are always in perfect view! Horny from all his jerking during the shoot, Big Dick Dakota sits down on chair under the Avocado tree and begins a long slow stroke session! Watch as he slowly plays with his big mushroom head and heavy ball sack as he drips pre-cum from his wide open slit of his Fat 8" Boner. Horny Dakota totally enjoys putting on a show for us posing and flexing his arms with his massive full bushy throbber pointing up to the heavens between his creamy thighs . He pulls and stretches big balls again and again as he masterbates! Listen to this sexy blue collar boy moan as he releases and explosive cum shot! Thick creamy gobs of man juice blasts out of his mushroom head and lands all over smooth belly and coating his hands, cock and balls! Listen to Dakota talk as he sits there full drained from his naked labor and his long stroke session. But the best is watching Dakota's jizz covered fully hard cock bounce around as his stands up and walks to the outdoor Island Studs Shower! What a treat to see a real blue collar man, dripping cum as he walks around the house with a boner! As he enters the shower his cock is STILL DRIPPING CUM! His second hot soapy outdoor shower scene is NOT TO BE MISSED. Still rock hard and throbbing, horny Dakota slowly lathers up his fat 8" donkey dong and white marble ass crack! Watch as he opens his smooth white boy butt and inserts his soapy hand to clean out his dirty hole, poking his butt. Still hard, Dakota announces that he has to take a piss! He grabs his boner and releases a solid stream of bright yellow pee that glistens in the bright sunlight. This Blue Collar stud is no longer pee shy in front of our cameras! If you like rugged, talkative, blue collar mechanics with tight smooth athletic bodies and big cocks, Hung Dakota and his thick 8' cock will excite you! This friendly outspoken straight, ripped, 27 year with the monster 8" dick and big balls is so fun to watch in this is second Dakota video for Island Studs and the first shot entirely in Hawaii! See sun kissed Dakota enjoying his fat cock and massive cum shot! Join Now! Instant Access to both his videos today!

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