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Island Studs - Hung Math Teacher Mike

Hung Math Teacher Mike: 8" Ginger Jock Pees x2, Opens Gaping Hole x6 times & Busts an Explosive Load in Oregon! Hung Bearded Mike is a handsome, humble High School Math Teacher from Eugene, Oregon with a natural smooth ripped body, firm bubble butt - sporting a tatoo of him 'getting poked" in the ass by a monkey and a thick 8" cock he spins like a helicopter, big balls, ginger blond beard hair and bushy ginger pubs who flops his cock out of his sexy underwear, flexes, poses, and stretches fully nude and hard, placing his smiling face upside down between his dangling balls and gaping open ass hole in a unique yoga position, workouts with weights with a throbbing boner, takes a bucket piss and later another power pee on the deck, opens his nearly hairless manhole 6 times, spreading his muscle butt wide open with his hands, sits in a chair by the forest jerking off manhandling his heavy nuts, before shooting a massive load of jizz all over his smooth ripped abs and balls for the first time on camera in in this Exclusive New video from Island Studs. Math Teacher Mike is every High School students fantasy mathematics teacher: 28 years old, just short of 5'8", 150 lbs, with a happy bright eyes and a sincere friendly smile that lights up the classroom. "I don't know if I have a bootie, but I always get complements on my Butt", he says with a smile as he moons our camera wearing only his sexy tight blue undies! Inked on his right ass cheek is a tatoo of two cartoon monkeys: One with his finger up the ass of the second monkey, who with an extended arm is attempting to stick his finger up Mike's hole! WTF! "I like getting poked in the butt,' this sexy High School Teacher states humbly and without embarrassment. This video is an amazing behind the scenes afternoon I spent in the sun with horny Mike, taking while stroking his beautiful, perfectly formed, 8" cock. Listen to him tell so many stories from his life in the Pacific Northwest. How both girl and boy students flirt with him in class, why he loves thin Asian women who bend him over and fuck his creamy white man hole with dildos, growing up in Eugene with two sisters and always seeking a secret place to jerk off as a lad! "I am naked at home with my girlfriend all the time, even when she is fully clothed," he states with easy. Mathematician Mike is one of our most comfortable first time models and it shows with how easily his mouth watering 8" thick throbber springs to attention once he is nude! Mike is rock hard for most of this film! Playfully, Mike turns to the camera and flops out his big beautiful 8' cock and balls still wearing his tight undies and strokes his monster cock to a full erection with a big smile! The camera moves around his smooth body and his big full erection as he performs a whole workout routine with gym weights naked with a fully throbbing cock by the forest. With a rock hard boner and holding his throbber, Mike walks over to a bright orange bucket on the deck to take a pee. With a big friendly smile, this jock releases a gold stream of piss into a 5 gallon bucket. Watch as piss splashes into the container and on to the deck! This is just the first of two power pisses Math Teacher Mike releases - both included in the full video for paid members only. Check out just how limber this real HS Teacher is when he bends over fully, moving is arms completely in between his legs and thighs and pats his ass check with his hands with his beaming smiling face upside-down just below his heavy ball sack. He can almost suck his own cock! He holds this yoga position while he jokes and talks with me enjoying the hot summer sun glistening off his pink man hole! What a sight! Lovers of Ass Play will love Mike's first video for Island Studs. There are x6 priceless moments when Mike turns his bubble butt to the camera fully nude with his cock and balls dangling between his athletic thighs and grabs his butt checks and spreads them wide open revealing his gapping hole! Mike is the ultimate fantasy Straight High School Math Teacher who LOVES ass Play! After his sweaty nudist workout session Mike sits fully naked on a chair outside and spreads his legs wide open again, for a lengthy hard core JO session! He enjoys manhandling his big balls and perfect 8" rock hard cock for us all to see. It is so sexy to watch this REAL open minded high school instructor please himself in this private way on camera for the very first time. Mike's explosive cum shot is epic! This handsome ginger jock moans loudly and covers his hands and ripped 8-pack abs and pubs with loads of thick white creamy jizz! To clean up the sticky mess Mike takes a sexy hot soapy shower. This friendly stud continues talking to us and showing OFF for the camera as he soaps up his hard young athletic body and bubble butt! One again, now with soapy hands, Poke Me Mike turns his ass to the camera and spreads his butt cheeks wide open as warm water caresses his red hot man hole! What a joy to see! Mike is one HOT new Island Stud! Hung 8" High School Math Teacher Mike is a welcome addition to our large stable of real straight Island Studs who like to take it up the butt and are willing to talk about it! We call that: "Taking It Like a Man!" Thanks Mike, for this awesome sexy afternoon! Join Island Studs today to see Mike stroking his his power tool and showing his gaping hole! Join Now for Instant Access!

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