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Japanboyz - 2019's Best: Your Japanboyz Dick-Stroking Faves

The finale in our series of the 2019 "Top 10" voted-and-scored Japanboyz scenes of the hottest Asian models in uncensored XXX gay action starts with the dream coupling of Fuji and Yusaku. It's New Year, and longtime gay idol Fuji rings up new sensation Yusaku to "come over and have some fun!" When the tough little tatted alt stud Yusaku arrives, he climbs on the bed and the two peel off each others' clothes to the essential ingredients--lean, hard muscle, smooth perfect skin rockhard tools and tight, willing asses. Yusaku's dick swells to its full girth right away and Fuji's up to the challenge of swallowing it. When Yusaku reciprocates, Fuji stands and smoothly fucks his pole down his new buddy's throat. Fuji is soon naked with legs pinned back as Yusaku dives in for a musky taste of hot Japanese hole. He pumps his cock in as precum drips from Fuji's horned-up stiffy. Fuji's hole is dripping creamy lube as wavy-haired Yusaku deftly slams in, and once Fuji climbs on for the hottest ride of the New Year, both of them quickly splatter their juicy rewards. Tomohisa is another fan favorite, and the second part of this hot CUMpilation matches him with classic lean Asian stud Kazuki. When Tomo peeks down the waistband of Kazuki's sport brief a big hard cock wrapped in red cockring pops out for his enjoyment. The two horny buddies take turns licking and sucking before Kazuki gets his tongue into Tomo's quivering pucker and things turn seriously HOT. He wraps a hand around both their dicks and strokes them to stone-hard erection, then rolls on a condom and plows into Tomohisa's smooth hole. Legs wrapped tight around Kazuki, Tomo can take only so much hard pumping before two buds need to lie beside each other and milk out their sticky seed onto tight-muscled abs.

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