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IslandStuds - Bearded Bad Boy Stew

Hairy Uncut Bro Opens Hole x2, Pees, Works Out, Coats Fur in Thick Juice! Bearded Bad Boy Stew is a friendly tattooed Forklift Operator from Medford, Oregon with a lean naturally hairy blue collar body, big hairy donkey balls, a beautiful uncut belly slapping cock he enjoys showing off as he flexes and poses while fully hard, a super hair man butt which he spread WIDE OPEN 2 times with both hands revealing a hot pink man hole surrounded by thick black butt hair, strips fully naked for a sweaty nudist workout session with a throbbing boner, jerks his cock while stretching on an exercise ball, humps the red ball with his rock hard cock and big balls between his hairy butt cheeks, opens his hairy manhole again in the sun, sits on the deck by the Oregon forest proudly showing off his throbber and hairy hole, stands to take a long piss is a bucket, moves onto the sofa indoors for a long intimate jerking off session, both slow stroking and fast stroking his perfect prick while manhandling his heavy nuts, before shooting a massive load of jizz all over his hairy belly, continues jerking his boner long after he cums for added pleasure, before talking a sexy blue collar straight guy shower while talking to us, all for the very first time on camera in in this Exclusive New video from Island Studs. Bearded Bad Boy Stew's white Pacific Northwest skin is a sexy contrast to his natural untrimmed body hairy which coats his entire body: hairy pits, arms, legs, chest, belly back, ass and a perfect patch of thick hair above his ass crack. This tall tattooed 31 year old, who stands, 6', 175 lbs, tells us so many personal stories about growing up in "dry & dusty" Medford, Oregon. When he was just a teen, he would convince his older brother's buddy's to buy him beer and tattoo his body even though he was under 18! But like so many "bad boys" Stew's tattoos reveal his sensitive and very emotional soft side. Listen to him explain each of the many tattoos on his body and their intimate meaning to him: including his pit bull on one arm and "To Live is to Suffer" from the popular DMX song. Stew tells us so many stories as he stands by the forrest stroking his rock hard throbber! After his day job as a Forklift operator in a big warehouse, Blue Collar Stew, showers and puts on clean clothes for his job at the front desk of a local gym, signing up new members. Imagine Naked Stew with this big balls dangling and his rock hard belly slapper standing erect at your gym entrance! What a Gym Fantasy! Feast your eyes on Bearded Stew's amazing super Hairy Blue Collar Butt as as he turns his back to the camera with his underwear around his ankles and playfully grabs his hairy cheeks and spreads they wide open! This Island Stud is not afraid to show his hairy hole to anyone! The camera moves around Stew's totally natural body as he performs a whole gym workout fully naked with a throbbing boner in the hot sun! Watch as he works up a sweat doing curls, overheads, and chest presses with his fine hairy ass in our face! Watch as sweaty Stew stands before an orange 5 gallon bucket to take a long piss. Bright yellow pee slowly drips out of his cock and splashes into the bucket between his bare feet. He smiles as he releases his fluid for our cameras while holding his cock as he pees. "I think the Tank is empty," Stew states with a smile after his lengthy piss scene. Fully naked, Horny Stew sits down on a large Red Exercise Ball to stroke his cock into a full Tower of Power! There is a lot of serious and playful masterbation in this hot new video from Island Studs. Fully hard, sexy Bearded Stew kneels on the ground, presses his throbbing cock against the hot rubber ball and begins to fuck it! Watch as he slides his hand over his bushy butt cheeks and opens this hairy ass a second time! Check out his tight furry pink manhole fully exposed and winking at us! Ass lovers will appreciate straight Stew's hairy butt photographed from every possible angle. He is your perfect blue collar buddy! After his sweaty nudist workout session, Hairy Stew sits fully naked on the sofa in the living room and lubes up his thick cock for a lengthy hard core JO session! This horny stud manhandles his cock and balls in so many ways as he talks to us. It is so sexy to watch a REAL straight blue collar guy please himself in this private way on camera for the first time. Stew takes his time, both slow stroking and fast stroking his perfect rock hard belly slapper. I ask him to stop and pose for a few photos as he flexes his arms for the camera while holding his throbber with one hand. His hairy manhole is in full view as his jerks off. Just before Horny Stew explodes, thick cum begins to oozes out of Dick Head like oil bubbling up in a swamp or field! Then he explodes as jizz coats his shaft, hands, fingers and his entire bush of untrimmed dick hair! But wait, Horny Stew enjoys a long post cum stroke session. Watch as he continues jerking his rock hair boner LONG after he shot his load! Look between his hairy thighs for a great view of his super THICK CUM holding onto the sofa like a tear, yet it does NOT drip off! His cum has staying power! This is one thick load of man juice! Stew walks to the shower room with his boner dripping cum the entire way. Watch as he soaps up his entire hairy body with thick lather creating a perfect contrast to his rich black body hair. Stew even raising his hairy feet and scrubs them clean! Bearded Bad Boy Stew is one HOT new Island Stud! We are so pleased this friendly blue collar Medford Man agreed to share so many personal stories with us and to proudly expose his tattooed hair body and super furry butt for our camera! See all the Large Stable of Hairy Bearded Blue Collar and College Guys on in our Members Only Area. Instant Access NOW! Join Today for all the Hot Action!

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