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IslandStuds - Aloha and Happy 2020 from Island Studs!

Super Cute Surfer Boy Jeffrey is BACK in this his 4th horny cum filled video for Island Studs. Watch as he enjoys showing off his young tight ripped smooth boy body and FAT BEER Can Cock, surrounded by a thick bush of untrimmed College Boy dick hair covering his crotch and balls as he moons the camera, flops his throbbing cock and heavy low hanging ball sack out of his sexy tight blue underwear, strokes is perfect cock into a towering erection which leaks cum repeatedly as he flexes and poses for the camera, plays with his pre-cum repeatedly, shows off his furry armpits, walks around the property in the sun fully hard, carrying a cleaning bucket and utility brush on a stick, works barefoot and totally nude, hosing down and scrubbing the deck with his big fat boner slapping his white creamy thighs, bends over while working naked with his big low hangers dangling between is sweet boy butt cheeks, sits down on the deck for a long jerk off session edging his belly slapper which leaks more pre-cum all over his fat mushroom head, accidentally, busts an enormous load while he attempts to stop it by stand up, shoots powerful streams of jizz off the deck then cums a second time while talking to the camera, rubbing his shinny boy juice all over his red hot dick hard while jizz lands on the clean deck between his bare-feet, before taking a long soapy outdoor shower, scrubbing his dirty feet and then spreads his sweet smooth surfer butt WIDE OPEN and FINGERS his pink virgin hole while smiling at the camera in this Exclusive New Video from Island Studs. A popular veteran Island Studs' model, Beer Can Cock Jeffrey first arrived on Island Studs in two HOT Duo Action Videos. First, jerking his cock with Killer Cock Kurt's 9" Monster Dong in the famous series: "Naked Football", and then stroking with his real life roommate and best friends since elementary school friend, Micha, in "Jerking' Roommates" and then solo in his previous first ever jerk off video: placing a Hawaiian Floral lei around his neck and another one around his mouth watering cock like a cock ring while spraying his belly with loads of jizz. Jeffrey is a BIG CUMMER! Now 20, 5'10" and a slight 135 lbs is a Freshman in College still "flips burgers" and local restaurant at night to make extra cash. This video is full of intimate footage of soft spoken Jeffrey's sweet laid back Hawaiian surfer boy personality and sexy smooth body! Check out his big friendly smile, bright blue eyes, totally hairless young athletic body as he exposes his smooth white ass cheeks when he moons the camera at the start of the shoot while wearing his stylish college school clothes. Originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado this horny young lad moved to Hawaii with his parents when he was just 4 years old! Listen to him tell us so many personal stories about his years on the Islands including him wanting to fuck his girlfriend's Mother and how he boasts about being a nude Model for Island Studs, just so he can show off his body to interested strangers! "Being a nude model helps with the ladies", Jeffrey states with a evil little boy smile! Watch as Horny Jeffrey flops his fat beer can cock and low hanging balls out of his tight blue Hanes undies and poses for some shots. Fully aware that his is leaking loads of Pre-Cum, Horny Jeffrey begins to caress the open slit on his huge mushroom head cock. He coats his entire shaft and dick head with all his own pre-cum. "This is a Fresh Cock", he states with a naughty smile as his lubes his throbbing cock with his own boy juice. This sweet young exhibitionist loves to show off his cock and enjoys taunting us this his big boner and tight surfer body. The camera glides all around his smooth body as he stands before us stroking and leaking. Wow, so much College pre-cum! For the popular Island Studs' "Naked Worker Series", I put Jeffrey and his rock hard belly slapper to work scrubbing the deck fully nude. Watch as he walks to the job site, naked, carrying a bucket and his cleaning tools with his big fat boner bouncing as he walks in the sun! Check out his perky surfer boy butt as he bends over, repeatedly, washing the deck. Lovers of smooth boy butt will appreciate Jeffrey's hairless bootie as he works naked outdoors. Our camera glides around Jeffrey's creamy white ass and dangling cock and balls as he works unaware that he is being watched. His heavy balls and swollen cock dangle between his ass cheeks as he works! Watch as his virgin ass cheeks open several times as he works, revealing his virgin boy hole! Always horny and anxious too "rub one out", Jeffrey sits down on the bench on the deck, he has just cleaned, and begins a long, stroke session. Jeffrey's perfectly formed cock is a rigid belly slapper hugging his ripped belly. His hard cock pointing up to his 6 pack of ripped Surfer abs as he smiles, flexes and posses with white pre-cum oozing out of his cock! He loves to show off his slightly furry armpit hair as he posses with this hands behind his head and his cock throbbing. His first of two cum shots in NOT TO BE MISSED! Listen as I leave Jeffrey all alone outside jerking with the video cameras recording. This horny freshman can no longer contain his composure as he looks directly into the camera! Slow stroking his red hot throbber a first spray of cum coats the head of his cock. Realizing that he can no longer contain his sperm: Jeffrey begins to stand up! While in motion he FIRES a powerful stream of cum off the deck! But the jizz does not stop there. He shoots LOAD after LOAD of creamy boy juice off the deck while half-standing up. This Island Stud is a BIG CUMMER! Milking his Fat Beer Can dry, Cute Jeffrey, sits back down on the bench all alone and looks into the camera with a guilty expression on this sweet face. I return to get some more shots of this popular Island Stud, unaware he already came ONCE. His cock is so stiff and horny, I have no clue he just came. "I'm going to cum!", Jeffrey announces this time and he releases his second cum shot of the day! Sweaty and still rock hard, Jeffrey walks to the famous Island Studs outdoor shower dripping cum the entire way! Playfully, Jeffrey soaps up his entire body with suds, taking time to scrub his dirty feet clean with a foot brush. His soapy cock and balls dangle as he cleans both feet. Aware that his fans appreciate his tight surfer boy butt, Jeffrey lifts his leg, grabs his ass check with his soapy hand and spreads his Virgin Boy Butt wide open for us all to see. He even inserts his finger for the very first time on film, up his pink hole smiling the entire time! We are so pleased that Surfer Boy Jeffrey arrived in Hawaii with his family years ago! Horny Twink Jeffrey is our most popular smooth College Freshman + Surfer Boy on Island Studs! Enjoy this, his fourth, rock hard video for Island Studs! And do NOT miss his two previous jerking Duos with 9" Kurt, his real life roommate Micha and his first video JO video of him pissing and skinny dipping on camera for the first time when he was just 19 years old. Join Today for all the innocent straight boy fun! Instant Access Now!

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