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IslandStuds - Hairy Surfer Harrison

Totally Furry Blond College Jock Crushes Nuts, Works Nude, Shows Hole x3, Sprays his Furry Body with Jizz in Hawaii! Hairy Surfer Harrison is a very horny & sweet straight Strawberry Blond Surfer from from Newport Beach, California visiting Hawaii with and amazing, totally hairy body: a full BUSH of ginger dick hair surrounding his cock and hairy balls, a BIG FURRY BUBBLE BUTT and thick hairy soccer thighs, thick ginger chest and belly hair who enjoys flexing, posing while pressing his ball sack between his muscle thighs as he stands stroking his rock hard cock with one hand and his favorite red surfboard in the other, walks with a throbbing boner as he begins to wash windows fully naked, squats and works on his hands and knees as his squeegees the large windows, exposes his super hairy boy hole 3 times before grabbing his ass cheeks to spreads them wide open revealing his pink virgin hole covered in red ginger butt hair then sits on a sofa in the sun for a long jerk off session, sprays his entire furry body in boy juice as he tortures his balls between his thighs, before taking a sexy soapy shower outdoors in in this EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs! This is a FIRST for Island Studs: a young super hairy college jock who love to squeezing and crushing his furry balls against his thick thighs, repeatedly! He loves pressure on his entire nut sack! Wow! This full time student at UCSD in San Diego, 23 years old, 5'10" , and a stocky 180 lbs, arrived for the shoot with his bright red surfboard wearing two Hawaiian Leis around his neck and a pair of red, white and blue striped board shorts, which could barely contain his Big Fat Hairy Muscle Butt! There is something so sexy about seeing a real California Surfer Boy in ultra tight swim trunks! A senior, majoring economics, Hairy Harrison, starting surfing the waves of Southern California when he was just 11 years old and started getting hair on his chest and ass at only 13 years old. This is one Fantastic Hairy young lad! Harrison has never modeled nude before until today for Island Studs. He confesses that he is nervous at the start on the shoot. Watch him struggle to remove his undies and board shorts. His gigantic furry man butt gets 'stuck' on the waistband of his underwear and swimsuit. His beautiful hairy bubble butt is so yummy, hanging out of his shorts as he strips! Listen to Horny Harrison explain that his likes to edge himself hours: jerking his cock, without coming until he can't hold off any longer! His stocky Surfer Boy is so cute and sweet and his thick young hairy body is unique! For the popular Island Studs' Naked Worker Series, I put Bubble Butt Harrison to work cleaning the pool house windows fully nude. Watch as his walks to the job site fully naked carrying a blue bucket and his window washing tools with his pink ginger cock dangling in the sun! Check out his big furry feet as he squats and bends over with a squeegee in his hand washing the windows. Ass Lovers Alert! Our camera glides around Harrison's Massive Bubble Butt as he works unaware that he is being watched. His heavy balls and swollen cock dangle between his ass cheeks as he works! Watch as his thick ass opens several times as he works, revealing his virgin hairy hole! Check out the thick rows of heavy Strawberry Blond leg and butt hair that completely cover his muscle butt and fold into his big ass crack! There are only a few other models on Island Studs with a full bushy bubble butt like Harrison! Cute Harrison jumps up and down several times to reach the top of the windows with his pink cock flapping as he works! Listen to him confess that this is the first time in his life , he has ever worked nude! Harrison also treats us to a full view inside that hairy butt. He puts down his tools, bends over, grabs his hairy cheeks with his soapy hand and spreads them wide open! You can barely see his pink hole with so much hair in his ass! So Yummy! After his soapy naked work, Harrison sits down on an orange sofa on the outdoor deck for a lengthy jerk off session wearing his floral Hawaiian Lei. As he stated on camera earlier, he LOVES taking his time to get off, and it shows! The best bit of this long Harrison jerk off session is watching Hairy Harrison crush his balls between his hefty thighs as he strokes his rock hard belly slapper. Finally, with his ball pinned down, he explodes in a stray of cum which coats his entire body! All caught here on camera from 3 different cameras and from 3 different angles at the same time! When I ask him to stand up for more photos of his jizz dripping off his furry body, Harrison playfully bends over and flicks the Hawaiian Flower Lei off his neck and head without touching it with his cum covered hands! So cute! Coated, sweaty and still hard, Harrison walks to the outdoor shower dripping cum along the way. Lovers of Hairy Men should NOT miss Harrison's shower scene! Watching him soap up his entire hairy body is a delight. Harrison looks even more hairy fully wet! Watch as his lifts both legs to scrub his hairy feet with a shower bush! He takes his time to be completely College Jock Clean! We are so pleased Hairy California Surfer Harrison arrived in Hawaii on holiday to surf our seas and jerk off for the very first time on camera for Island Studs. His great personality and totally hairy young body will excite you! Ginger Harrison is a great addition to the expanding Stable of Hairy Men available in our Members Only area. Join Today to see all Strawberry Blond Surfers, Redhead workers and fully Hairy Young Men on Island Studs today! Instant Access Now to all the sexy fun!

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