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IslandStuds - All-American Drake

Tall Beefy Bouncer Shaves, Pees, Opens Hairy Hole x3, Jerks Doggystyle & Busts a Massive Load in Oregon! Big All-American Bouncer Drake is a tall 6'1" beautiful buff bodybuilder from Oregon with a natural furry muscle body, big hairy bubble butt, thick 17" bulging biceps, who brushes his teeth and shaves his handsome face and manicures his goatee in the bathroom fully nude with his cock resting on the sink counter, flexes and poses in his black jockstrap, strips fully naked and poses with a throbbing boner beside he lush green Oregon forest, pees, instructs us on a sweaty full nudist gym workout session with weights in the sun, jerks his cock while stretching on an exercise ball, opens his super hairy manhole doggystyle in the living room, sits on the sofa for a long muscle jock jerking off session manhandling his heavy nuts, before before shooting a massive load of jizz all over his ripped abs, hairy belly and full bush of black dick hair before taking a second sexy indoor shower while still rock hard, grabs his ass cheeks and spreads they wide open again, revealing his soapy manhole for the first time on camera in in this Exclusive New video from Island Studs.This thick, ripped 25 year old muscle god, is a tall 6'1", weighs an impressive 200 lbs, and is a very handsome Security Guard at popular Oregon Dance Club. Image beefy muscle stud Drake, standing naked on the street outside Club or as your personal naked Security Guard! Well educated and friendly, Drakes tell us many personal stories about his sex life including being seduced by a 38 year old MILF when he was only 23 and his first sexual experience at just 15 years old! He is proud of his Big Beefy Muscle Butt and massive athletic thighs covered in a thick forest of dark body hair. This jock is totally hairy from his furry navel down to this hairy feet! Check out all the hair in his beefy ass crack! What a sexy young muscle boy! Feast your eyes on Drake's amazing Bubble Butt as he turns his ass to the camera wearing only his ultra-tight black jock strap that can barely contain his thick muscle ass. Watch as horny Drake strips fully nude and strokes his perfect cock surrounded by a full bush of thick crotch hair to a full erection with a sexy smile! "I like my tip played with", he states and his caresses the head on his rigid cock and looks at us. The camera moves around his rock hard body and his throbbing boner and ass as he performs a whole workout routine with gym weights naked in the sun. It is obvious from his thick beefy body that he spends many hours a week working out in the gym. What an All - American Muscle Gym fantasy! The muscles on his thick 17" arms and strong thighs bulge as he lifts the weights and sweats - all caught on video! Check out his hairy muscle butt as he bends over a large Exercise Ball to perform push ups and leg lifts off the deck by the forest. This is a Big Drake Bootie Video! There is a lot of amazing hairy ass shots in this hot new video from Island Studs. Fully hard, sexy Drake goes into the living room and kneels on the couch, presses his throbbing cock between his big butt and hairy thighs and begins to masterbate with his pink hairy hold directly in the camera! Watch as he slides his rock hard cock over his open ass and plays with his balls dangling! Check out his tight hairy manhole fully exposed for us all to see! Ass lovers will appreciate Drake's massive muscle butt and manhole photographed from every possible angle. He is the perfect All American Muscle Jock: flawless Body, Big 17" Arms, pretty perfect cock & that handsome boyish face! After his ass play, Drake flips over, sits fully naked on the sofa and lubes up his cock with hand lotion for a lengthy hard core JO session! This handsome Muscle Jock slow strokes and fast strokes his cock and balls while exposing his bushy manhole as he jerks off. It is so sexy to watch a REAL Beefy Bouncer please himself in this private way on camera for the first time. Drake's cum shot is priceless! This cute Muscle Stud moans loudly and covers his entire body, pecs, chest and ripped 8-pack abs with loads of thick white creamy jizz! Listen to him as he stands up, dripping cum and talks about his load. As Big Butt Drake walks to the shower dripping cum, I follow him with the camera filming his bouncing butt and ask: "I wonder how much your ass weighs"! To clean up all the mess goo on his furry body Drake takes a second sexy hot soapy shower. This shower scene is better than his first and NOT TO BE MISSED! This handsome lad enjoys showing OFF for the camera as he soaps up his rock hard cock, body and bubble butt! Watch as he turns off the shower and faces to the camera and releases a strong stream of pee! Drake's Golden piss splashes loudly on the tile shower floor between his hairy feet. With the shower water back on, Drake slowly soaps up his big beefy hairy butt and bends over. Grabbing his amazing ass cheeks, he spreads them wide open again revealing is soapy hairy butt hole! This is one HOT Island Stud! We are happy to have met sexy beefy Bouncer Drake in Oregon! Enjoy every inch of Drake's killer furry body and massive muscle butt! See all the private sweaty action on Island Studs today. Instant Access NOW! Join today!

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