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IslandStuds - All American Don

8" Blue Collar Jock Pees, Farts, Works Out, Power Washes, and Quakes in a Full Body Explosive Orgasm in Hawaii! All American Don, a Big Beefy Factory Maintenance Man and Construction worker from Tampa Bay with a full bush of dick hair, poses and flexes his thick man body with a perfect patch of chest hair, both in sexy underwear and nude, moons the camera, grabs is long dong and swings it like a "helicopter", keeps his fat 8" cock rock hard throughout most of this video, while he power washes the pool deck jerking his thick dick as he works, pees and farts in the sun and wearing a cock ring, touches and plays with his Big Blue Collar Man butt many times as he pumps up his big biceps with a full nude gym workout, spreads his ass WIDE open as he instructs us in chest presses, tortures his BIG BALL sack and fingers his hairy man Hole as he jerks off in the garden, moans loading with his entire body shaking as he explodes a massive load of cum all over his big body before taking a sex outdoor shower, once again, opening and fingering his hungry hole in this Exclusive new video from Island Studs. This is Big Dong Don's very first time posing and jerking off nude in front of a camera! Watch this horny 34 year old, 5'11, 205 Blue Collar Hunk peel down his sexy red, white & blue All American briefs to moon the camera and expose his thick furry thighs and throbbing 8" cock with a smile! What an amazing chunky Man Butt on this new arrival in Hawaii from Florida! We get to hear Don talk about the 2 words which define him most: Perseverance & Determination - both inked above his big pecs. Image watching Beefy Don working naked on his Construction site with Determination! Horny Don is totally comfortable in this his very first time naked and stroking his meat for the camera. He is proud of his FULL ERECTION as he flexes for us all to see outside in the Hot, Hawaiian Sun. After he poses for some shots with his hard cock and big balls hanging out of his tight briefs, Don strips naked and takes a LONG Piss in the garden wearing a rubber cock ring. Listen carefully as he releases a big fart while he pees! What a amazing site and sound! This dirty blue collar Muscle Stud really enjoys getting rid of this golden water. This video is an amazing behind the scenes afternoon I spent in the sun with horny Don, talking to us about his new life on the Islands while stroking his beautiful, perfectly formed, 8" cock. Watch Donkey Don's mouth watering throbber swing between his smooth ass cheeks, as he picks up a heavy barbell bends over with his ass in the camera to perform chest presses. His big hairy balls and long dock hang low at his works out. Playfully, this friendly construction worker puts down the weights and grabs his ass cheeks with both hairs and opens is man hole to the camera. This is just the first full butt hole shot of many horny Don offers us in this video. He LOVE to show off his man hole and finger his butt constantly! All caught on camera here! For the popular Island Studs' "Nudist Worker Series", I put him to work with a power washer blasting the pool deck with a powerful water hose. Check out his heavy 8" cock and big nut sack dangling between his thick muscle thighs as he performs his nudist work outdoors by the pool. Watch as he strokes his swollen cock and ball sack with one hand as his holds the pressure washer in the other performing his nudist tasks for us. His muscle ass cheeks open up exposing his dark hairy manhole! What a sight! With his throbbing cock fully hard, he walks around the pool with his 8" dong slapping against his muscle thighs. After his nudist work session, all recorded here, horny Don treats us to a long flexing and posing jerk off session seated in the tropical garden! The camera glides between his hairy muscle thighs as we get a great views of Don's happy face and throbbing cock and big ball sack, dangling between his always exposed gaping ManHole! Watch as he raises one dirty barefoot and rests it on the chair as he jerks off and begins to finger his tight butt hole for the camera! Sitting naked and rock hard, Don flexes his big biceps and poses with his impressive 8" boner! This Beefy Maintenance Man is just so HOT. Watch his nut play as he strokes his red hot meat! Finally, Big Dong Don explodes with an AMAZING full body orgasm! Listen to him moan loudly as his entire body shakes & quakes as he releases a HUGE LOAD of creamy of Man Juice all over this full bush of dick hair, abs, and furry ball sack. Check out the smile on his face after he frees his Big Balls of all his creamy juice. Still horny, sexy beefy Don, poses and flexes with his creamy load all over his big body as he continues stroking and talking to the camera! His sexy shower seen is NOT TO BE MISSED! Don LOVES being watched and takes his time soaping EVERY part of Blue Collar Body. Watch as he bends over with his ass, once again directly in the camera, and finger his hole with a soapy finger in the outdoor shower. Yet again he opens his smooth, muscle, ass cheeks another time as he washes his feet and exposes his Manhole to the sun! Don't miss this hot, NEW video of our new amazing All American Don! What great Man Butt and his happy 8" Long Dong. Instant Access Now! Join Today!

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