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Island Studs - Football Nude #10: Beefy High School Jock Colt & Ripped Arborist Brent Flex, Pee & Sweat in Hot Duo Action!

Ripped Wyoming Cowboy Brent is back with, nervous newcomer Beefy College Jock, Colt in Hot Duo Action as the newest members of the Island Studs Naked Football team in Football Nude #10, posing and flexing fully nude for the very first time out in public beside a Mountain River as they strip down totally nude first posing, flexing and then for a sweaty pounding football match : skinny-dipping, pissing, jumping and playing together in this Exclusive new video from Island Studs. These two smooth buff beautiful Ripped Mountain Man agreed to meet us in the forest beside the river for their very first ever erotic sweaty duo of totally hardcore pounding Football action and then posing and pissing! Once again, Island Studs delivers another Hot Duo with two REAL STRAIGHT sportsmen with two awesome muscle butts and ripped abs, tossing and catching the PIGSKIN fully naked out in public by the banks of a wide river in Oregon. In this outrageous new video, we see two beautiful, wildly contrasting athletic bodies: Veteran Island Studs model, rugged, lean Arborist Brent and nervous newbie quarterback Colt who has never modeled nude before today! Cocky and confident Brent is not shy about being photographed naked together with BIG THICK Football Giant, Colt for the first time! Colt seems shocked that he is actually getting totally naked with a stranger out in public for all to see. Watch they shake hands as they meet for the first time. Check out their perfectly ripped contrasting bodies as they strip beside their beach chairs revealing their naturally hairless bubble butts! Feast your eyes on on these ripped athletic bodies as they hug each other so we can compare their amazing muscle bubble butts side by side! Watch as college wrestler and football star, Colt towers over his new buddy Brent. This HOT new Duo is even more exciting than Brent's previous solo jerk off scene which remains popular on Island Studs today! Big Thick Colt 23, 6' and a tanky 195 lbs is proud of his thick Ripped Football Wrester body, fat 8" cock, massive muscle butt, rock hard abs and his big heavy ball sack! Watch as he nervously wraps his arms around naked Brent's narrow waist and torso. Young beefy Colt has never touched another naked man before today! Ripped and rugged Tree Trimmer Brent 26 5'10 165 lbs of solid muscle shows us a rope burn he received recently from climbing a tree for work! Island Studs delivers another Pissing Duo! Watch as Brent turns to the camera and take a LONG PEE in the river beside Colt! Embarrassed that he becomes 'piss shy'. Colt struggles to pee! Another funny Golden Shower Duo! But the best part of this video is watching these two ripped naked strangers outside in the HOT Oregon sun, enjoying each other and their sweaty football bodies! Our cameras roam around their sexy bodies as they work each other over with the football, completely naked! There is a lot of footage of their two massive white bubble butts with sweat dripping from their ass cracks as they play football beside the river! ASS LOVERS will appreciate the combination of these two hairless contrasting Bubble Butt Boys! Watch Brent shove his sweaty cock into the camera as he catches Colt's throw. "I need a GoPro on my cock!", Brent suggests with a laugh! What a GREAT IDEA! Listen as Colt & Brent talk totally unscripted as they play Naked Football together. This is REAL JOCK DIALOGUE that is spoken naturally. Join NOW to see ALL the naked football fun unedited! You won't see nudist football action like this anywhere else except Island Studs! Football Nude #10 with Arborist Lumberjack Brent and Beefy Newcomer College Jock, Colt is our best hot action duo yet on Island Studs. We're putting together a BALLS OUT Naked Island Studs Football Team! Do you want to Join Brawny Colt & Ripped Lumberjack Brent for their next hot sexy duo action shoot?

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